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KMR167 – JOHN MITCHELL 1844-1908

The Mitchell Family came to Kilmaronock from Chryston in Renfrewshire in 1890 as farming tenants of Blairennich Farm owned by the Leith-Buchanans of Ross.


Father, John Mitchell died 1908 at Blairennich. Eldest son, James came ahead of the rest of the family to plough the green land and stayed at Tullochan Farm with the Caldwell Family. Shortly after they arrived in Kilmaronock romance blossomed and three Mitchell sisters married three Caldwell brothers. They soon became well established local farming families.


Second son, John married Elizabeth McKinley King and obtained the tenancy of High Duncryne Farm from the Duke of Montrose. John (KMR320) became Session Clerk in 1926 and served for 25 years until his son William Graham King Mitchell of Balquhain Farm took over for another 25 years.


Third son, Archie continued to farm at Blairennich, buying the farm at a later date. Archie’s daughter Peggy, (Margaret) Mitchell became session clerk around 1990. Woman were just starting to take on roles within the Church of Scotland. Peggy’s mother was a McGregor of Catterbog Farm with possible connections back to Rob Roy McGregor.


Successive generations of The Mitchell family served Kilmaronock Kirk in the role of Clerk to the Kirk Session. The Minutes kept of Kirk Session meetings are valuable sources of information into life in bygone centuries. Many parishes have their Kirk Session Minutes digitised on the Scotland’s People website and are free for all to view. Sadly, the Kilmaronock Session Minutes are missing although there are frequent quotes from them in other sources so we are hopeful that they will eventually turn up.

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